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Our Team

Max Zalta

Chief Financial Officer

Stuart Hochman

Director of Customer Experience

Larry Heffez

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Heffez is the founder and CEO of Kaizen Ventures and its subsidiary, Consumer Priority Service. Larry’s vision, sales, finance expertise, and a keen eye for leveraging infrastructure have turned ambitious ideas into a thriving global enterprise. He is proud to launch promising young businesses with Kaizen’s strength and support.

Larry’s professional journey began on Wall Street in the 90s. He obtained a Series 7 and Series 63 license and soon opened his own successful brokerage firm. As he watched his brother Jack build a profitable eCommerce business, Larry saw a gap in the market for an honest and customer-centric warranty provider. He co-founded Consumer Priority Service in the early 2000s and has overseen explosive growth, attracting retail and eCommerce giants as partners along the way.

With his deep-rooted desire to succeed and the realization that his team has the skills, ability, and drive to incubate businesses, Larry founded Kaizen Ventures. He runs to work every day, excited to see what’s in store and execute his winning strategies. Larry believes that tenacity, integrity, and dynamic leadership are the secrets to his success.

Larry, his wife Karen, and their three children, Brenda, Rosie, and AJ, split their time between Brooklyn, NY, West Long Branch, NJ, and Surfside, FL. Outside work, Larry finds focus through nature walks, participates in daily classes with trusted spiritual advisors, and plays an active role in many charities.

Gabriel Heffez

Chief Technology Officer

Gabriel Heffez is the Chief Technology Officer of Kaizen Ventures. His focus is on scaling businesses to 100% growth year over year through analysis, strategy, and infrastructure design. Gabriel has assembled a talented and motivated team to expertly execute his vision, powering the success of each business in the Kaizen portfolio.


Gabriel’s career began in the financial sector, for which he held a number of SEC licenses (series 7, 63, 24, and 55). He owned and operated two brokerage firms before launching a multi-million-dollar eCommerce enterprise. In the early 2000s, he capitalized on a lack of affordable warranty solutions online by co-creating the wildly popular Consumer Priority Service. With his sharp acumen for business, planning, and numbers, Gabriel has guided CPS to a return of 8000% since its inception.


Now Gabriel has brought his significant experience, along with a trusted team, into Kaizen Ventures to serve as an incubator for other promising young businesses. On the side, Gabriel dabbles in cryptocurrency and began his own project in the space in 2017. He is a staunch supporter of several philanthropic causes, which fuel his inspiration.


Gabriel resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife, Amy, their 4 children, and a Maltese named Mello. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, playing chess, and learning new things. He is also committed to daily exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


Jack Heffez

Chief Revenue Officer

Jack Heffez is the Chief Revenue Officer of Kaizen Ventures. Jack is a creative and unconventional problem-solver who is deeply involved in the full spectrum of the enterprise’s operations. On any given day, this might include improvements to maintenance processes or the implementation of a new Fortune 500 account.

After an early start in the financial field as a licensed broker and professional trader, Jack discovered opportunity and success in the eCommerce industry. His career has been a natural evolution from operating a number of highly profitable retail websites to perceiving – and filling – a gap in extended warranty administration. He soon joined his brother Larry in founding Consumer Priority Service, growing it into the powerhouse brand that it is today.

Jack is inspired daily by the full force of a loyal team that is committed to the Kaizen mission. He personifies the collective entrepreneurial spirit that spurred the creation of the enterprise’s incubator programs. Jack doesn’t believe in finish lines or limitations, just hard work, showing up, and taking big swings.

Jack, his wife, and their four children split their time between Brooklyn, NY, and Long Branch, NJ. Jack makes it a priority to spend one-on-one time with each of his children. In addition, he is committed to self-improvement through spiritual guidance, reading, and daily workouts.

Mark Faour

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Faour is the Chief Operating Officer at Kaizen Ventures. In this role, he oversees operations for all divisions within Kaizen and its parent company, Consumer Priority Service, with a mindset towards growth. Mark enjoys being able to undertake new projects with the signature entrepreneurial spirit of the Kaizen team.

Mark is a go-getter who doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘can’t’: where others see obstacles, he sees an opportunity for success. He joined Consumer Priority Service in June 2014 and has been proud to support the company through its extensive expansion and diversification over the last seven years, including the addition of Kaizen Ventures. Mark has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Brooklyn College.

Mark currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and their two sons who motivate him to succeed. When he is not working or busy making plans for his next business endeavor, he enjoys spending time with his family and seeking out novel things for them to experience together.

Tamara Rubin

Director of Brand Strategy

Tamara Rubin is the Director of Brand Strategy at Kaizen Ventures. Tamara is responsible for overseeing the company’s brand and reputation, marketing, relationship management, and more. She is the conduit between the development team and executive leadership and is an innovator when it comes to new technology implementation and all-around problem-solving.

Prior to joining the team in 2008, Tamara was a customer service manager at an eCommerce company that used CPS as their warranty vendor. As impressed with the organization as they were with her, Tamara was excited to make the move. She steadily worked her way through service, sales, and branding to reach her current role. Tamara attributes her success to an innate passion for process improvement and streamlining, finding creative solutions for every puzzle in the business.

Tamara resides in Netanya, Israel with her boyfriend, his children, and their mal-chi Lili. She is a self-proclaimed Netflix junkie who enjoys shopping and sudoku and, most of all loves to spend time with her family.

Larry Heffez

Chief Executive Officer

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